Our Mission:

To be a world leading supplier of
temporary traffic management equipment
by exceeding our customers expectations
in quality, delivery and continuous improvement

Who We Are:

Melba Swintex specialise in the manufacturing of Temporary Traffic Management Systems within the plastics industry. We have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture, and work alongside our customers to provide customised products for industry.

Melba Swintex work in partnership with our distributors in the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

As with most progressive companies, we have a solid commitment to the environment, and 90% of our product range is produced from recycled material. All of our products are manufactured to UK and International standards.

Our History:

The workhouse in Bury, also known as the Redvales workhouse, is erected to the south of the town on the Manchester Road. This is to become the future point of operation for Melba Swintex.

The carriage works has since been converted into a tannery and is currently owned by the Earl of Wilton, who sells the site to Swinnerton Ltd.

Swintex Ltd begin manufacturing and selling what is known to be one of the first Traffic Cones on the market.

Melba Products Ltd is founded. The Melba name is created by two previous Directors.

John Dawson becomes a Director at Melba Products Ltd and designs a one-piece moulded cone, manufactured from completely recycled material. This will later evolve into the MPL Cone.

The first ever blow moulded pedestrian barrier is designed by John Dawson. The barrier is an innovation in the Traffic Management as it reduces the amount of components required for a barrier system, is high in strength and durability, and can be transported much easier than previous products.

Both Melba and Swintex merge into one company – Melba Swintex, and what is now the old Melba site, is transported to and installed at the Swintex site. Both companies, now as one, have an even stronger dominance on the Traffic Management market.

The first ever blow moulded Trench Cover is designed by Dan J. Wolstenholme and manufactured by Melba Swintex. The Tuff Trench is a reusable, tough, and durable product, that can be completely recycled.

The Workhouse is moved to what is now Fairfield Hospital, Lord Derby purchases the site of the original Workhouse, and converts it into his own carriage works.

The first high-speed road in England is constructed and opened, which demands the need for what we now identify as the Traffic Cone.

Swintex Ltd design and manufacture the first ever sand ballasted Traffic Cone. A revolution in safety.

The first ever two-part Traffic Cone is designed by John Dawson for Swintex Ltd. This became a revolution in safety due to the Cone being able to separate into two pieces when hit at force. Increasing high speeds on Motorways would cause Traffic Cones to be shot through the air when hit, creating a major safety problem. This two-part design prevented this from happening.

The Big Brother Barrier system is designed by John Dawson initially for British Gas (National Grid). A 5-year supply contract is won. We still supply them this system today.

The Q-Sign is designed by John Dawson and manufactured in 100% completely recycled material. Its innovational leg mechanism solidifies its superiority, and can now be seen as one of the industry leaders in Traffic Management Temporary Signage.

John Dawson, an inspirational and incredibly intelligent gentleman, passes away. His legacy to the Temporary Traffic Management market is one that cannot be argued, and products that he designed can be seen all over the world.

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